Pareto Anywhere

Open source software for real-time location and context.

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Pareto Anywhere: who/what is where/how

Pareto Anywhere is pioneering open source software for real-time location and context. Make sense of who/what is where/how in any physical space.

Occupancy analytics
Asset tracking
Personnel tracking
Environmental sensing
Interaction detection


Application-agnostic by design, Pareto Anywhere's web-standard data stream serves any use case—typically many at once.

Use Cases

Pareto Anywhere technology stack


Vendor-agnostic by design, Pareto Anywhere works with:

  •   Any software application
  •   Any gateway infrastructure
  •   Any radio-identifiable device

Devices Infrastructure Software


Run-anywhere by design, Pareto Anywhere can deploy edge, local and/or cloud, making it at home in any physical space.

By developers, for developers

Modular and extensible by design, Pareto Anywhere is the ideal launch point for application development.

  •   Source code on GitHub
  •   JavaScript from embedded to web
  •   Novice-friendly docs & tutorials

Case studies

Organisations, both big and small, successfully apply Pareto Anywhere to:

  •   Business outcomes  
  •   Technical integrations

Case Studies

Free as can be

Permissively-licensed and open source, Pareto Anywhere is continuously-evolving software that guarantees:

  •   Freedom of access  
  •   Freedom to modify  
  •   Freedom from lock-in


  Yes   The Pareto Anywhere source code and documentation are always freely accessible on GitHub. An annual subscription can be purchased to enjoy unlimited Q&A and community insights. See our pricing page for details.

  Yes   However, unlike a traditional RTLS, Pareto Anywhere locates any radio-identifiable device using any gateway infrastructure, promoting interoperability over lock-in.

  Yes   For most of our clients, Pareto Anywhere becomes a transparent source of data which they manipulate and analyse in their own platforms of choice. Get started by kicking off a business project with our help.
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