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Realise the potential of physical/digital convergence using the network infrastructure that's already in your space.

Pareto Anywhere is the open source middleware that unlocks the value of the ambient data collected by your Aruba infrastructure.

Leap into action

  Achieve a working demo in an instant.

Enjoy the familiarity of working with web-standard interfaces: Pareto Anywhere abstracts away the technological challenges of implementation.

Forge ahead freely

  Advance free from artificial constraints.

Enjoy progressing continuously at your own pace: Pareto Anywhere enshrines permissionless innovation by design, evolving to meet your ever-changing needs.

Aruba Networks & Pareto Anywhere

Pareto Anywhere provides a single standard stream of real-time data, regardless of the underlying devices & technologies.

Ambient data in…

Pareto Anywhere collects ambient data from the radio-identifiable devices occupying a physical space via the Aruba infrastructure already present in that space.

…Hyperlocal Context out

Pareto Anywhere serves a real-time stream of who/what is where/how as web-standard machine-readable data: Hyperlocal Context.

One infrastructure, two integration options

Pareto Anywhere

Select the WebSocket transport option to forward data to a Pareto Anywhere instance running on-prem or in your cloud.

Pareto Anywhere for Azure

Select the IoT Transport option to easily and securely forward data to Azure IoT Hub, from which Pareto Anywhere for Azure will consume the real-time data, running as a stateless Azure Function.

Certified Integration

reelyActive is an Aruba Technology Partner

Learn more Aruba APs

Developers, developers, developers!

Enough reading. Configure an Aruba Instant AP!

Aruba access points are among the many ambient infrastructures compatible with Pareto Anywhere.

Aruba access points are among the many ambient infrastructures compatible with Pareto Anywhere.

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