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Realise the potential of physical/digital convergence using ambient data that's already streaming to your cloud.

Pareto Anywhere for Azure is the open source middleware that unlocks the value of the ambient data arriving at your Azure IoT Hub.

Leap into action

  Achieve a working demo in an instant.

Enjoy making sense of your IoT data: Pareto Anywhere for Azure processes it into a web-standard format that facilitates putting it straight to work for you.

Forge ahead freely

  Advance free from artificial constraints.

Enjoy progressing continuously at your own pace: Pareto Anywhere for Azure enshrines permissionless innovation by design, evolving to meet your ever-changing needs.

Pareto Anywhere for Azure

Discover the data already in your space.

Pareto Anywhere for Azure includes an intuitive web app visualisation that lets you make sense of how computers represent the real-time context of any physical space.


Interact in physical spaces naturally.

Pareto Anywhere for Azure enables computers to make sense of our physical reality. You do you: that's the future of human-computer interaction.

Context-aware physical spaces


Store your data anywhere you please.

Pareto Anywhere for Azure supports the wide variety of storage options available on Azure.


Analyse your data however you please.

Analyse your data with your preferred analytics tool/suite on Azure. Pareto Anywhere for Azure outputs data in a standard format to facilitate cross-platform interoperability.


Develop your application, not the underlying tech.

Pareto Anywhere for Azure is by developers, for developers. And we pride ourselves in raising the bar for open source documentation.

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Accelerate adoption with our guidance.

Pareto Anywhere for Azure is free and open source. Looking for the "faster" button? Choose one of our packages and let us be your guide.

Our business Case Studies

Pareto Anywhere for Azure provides a single standard stream of real-time data, regardless of the underlying devices & technologies.

Ambient data in…

Pareto Anywhere for Azure collects ambient data from Azure IoT Hub, relayed by compatible ambient infrastructure already present throughout physical spaces.

…standard JSON out

Pareto Anywhere for Azure outputs events in standard JSON format, ready for storage & analysis, and for visualisation in real-time apps.

Native integration with Aruba Networks

Pareto Anywhere for Azure can leverage Aruba IoT Transport for Azure.

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Developers, developers, developers!

Enough reading. Deploy on Azure!

Microsoft Azure is among the many platforms compatible with Pareto Anywhere.

Microsoft Azure is among the many platforms compatible with Pareto Anywhere.

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