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...with a turnkey pilot project

Contact us about replicating one of our successful case studies for a predictable pilot project outcome.

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...with a novel pilot project

Contact us about applying our complementary use cases towards a pioneering pilot project outcome.

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  Get started towards your technology integration...

...with a Showcase Kit

Start by evaluating all use cases with a plug-and-play kit-in-a-box and ten hours of our expertise and support.

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Start by gaining experience developing with our open source software, documentation and tutorials.



  Showcase Kit   Our Showcase Kit is designed exactly for this purpose. Plug-and-play to get started in minutes without having to code.

  Yes   Our Pareto Anywhere open source software runs anywhere including on laptops, the Pi, and perhaps even your mobile device. Get started with our Hello Pareto Anywhere! tutorial.

  Yes   Contact us and we'll schedule an intro call.

  Yes   If you're based in Canada, check out our DAIR BoosterPack for free, curated cloud resources to host and experiment with our Pareto Anywhere open source software—également disponible sous le nom les Propulseurs de l'ATIR.

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