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Subscription-based models

An annual subscription covers just about everything. It really is that simple.


A Breakthrough pilot project has predictable pricing for a defined outcome and scale.

The included annual subscription covers all support and knowledge transfer costs: say goodbye to billable hours! Enjoy unconstrained access to our expertise.

The balance of the cost is for resources alone: hardware and hosting, which, if required, are proportional to project scale.

Breakthrough pilot project pricing breakdown
  • End-to-end project planning and implementation support
  • Training and knowledge transfer
  • "Ask us anything, anytime"
Pareto Anywhere, free as always.
Software and database hosting, as required.
Hardware costs proportional to pilot scale, as required.


A Beyond subscription is blissful simplicity, without overhead inefficiency.

The annual subscription is proportional to the scale of our relationship and serves as follows:

Beyond Integration focuses on continuous evolution of the technology platform.

Beyond Enterprise focuses on maximising the utility and return on investment from all deployments.

Beyond pricing breakdown
  • Leverage our time and expertise as an extension of your business
  • Pursue pioneering opportunities with Beyond peers
  • "Ask us anything, anytime"
Pareto Anywhere, free as always.
Hosting and hardware resources and costs are typically managed and optimised by Beyond subscribers themselves.

No-cost model

Our open source philosophy enshrines universal access.


Our Pareto Anywhere open source software as well as documentation and tutorials are freely available on GitHub, and regularly maintained. Developers rejoice!

Community pricing breakdown
Pareto Anywhere, free as always.


  Contact us   Pricing is proportional to scale and scope. Contact us for an estimate based on your situation.

  No   The purpose of the annual subscription is to make it as simple as possible to work together with minimal overhead, such as billing, which occurs just once a year.

  No   Both Pareto Anywhere and DirAct are permissively-licensed open source software and hence there are no licensing fees to use our software: it's free!
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