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Realise the potential of physical/digital convergence using the Elastic Stack with which you're already familiar.

Elastic Stack & Pareto Anywhere

A window into every use case

Kibana's user-friendly interface enables anyone to search and discover what's really happening in their physical spaces, and to communicate and share this information through intuitive visualisations.

For Enterprise

Our Breakthrough package typically combines an Elasticsearch Service instance with Pareto Anywhere, making it the ideal starting point for most enterprise clients:


For Integrators

Pareto Anywhere is open source and the integration with the Elastic Stack is documented and developer-friendly.

Integrators enjoy unconstrained access to our expertise and support via our Beyond Integration subscription:

Beyond Integration Developer docs

The Elastic Stack @ Parc

We innovate with the Elastic Stack every day at our reelyActive Parc living lab and would be pleased to share with you a virtual self-tour through Kibana dashboards. Contact us for the login credentials.

reelyActive Parc Contact us

reelyActive Parc Kibana Canvas

Extending search to physical spaces

We too believe that search is foundational and we are proud to extend Elastic's search capabilities to context-aware physical spaces.

Elastic Search Award

Award-Winning Integration

Winner of an Elastic Search Award at ElasticON Global 2020 for making physical spaces searchable like the web.


ElasticON Global 2021

Presented at ElasticON

"Analysing occupancy and interactions in Kibana during a pandemic and beyond"
October 5th, 2021 at ElasticON Global


Developers, developers, developers!

Enough reading. Deploy the Elastic Stack!

The Elastic Stack is among the many software platforms compatible with Pareto Anywhere.

The Elastic Stack is among the many software platforms compatible with Pareto Anywhere.

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