Context-aware physical spaces

Technology that makes sense—for us all.

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Computers make sense of the physical spaces
in which we live, work and play,
to help us freely exchange information
about who/what is where/how,
for whatever matters to us.

Context-aware physical spaces (#CAPSpaces) are the natural interface of human-centric technologies.

Human-centric technologies harmonise our physical/digital co-existence throughout our daily lives.

Context-aware physical spaces naturally afford us actionable information to live, work and play our best—at a human scale—while freeing us from the unnatural task of data entry.

Technology makes sense…

Data entry & capture is a natural task for computers, not for humans.

In #CAPSpaces, abundant ambient data is collected & processed by technologies already present in the space.

…people act informed

Taking purposeful action in context is a natural task for humans, not for computers.

In #CAPSpaces, meaningful information about who/what is where/how is exchanged as hyperlocal context.

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