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Our business is impartial guidance.
Leverage our team as an extension of your own with any of our packages.

Our packages

Offering unconstrained access to our team and expertise, wherever you are in your journey


Full-day on-site training and workshop with follow-up.

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Turnkey pilot project with support and knowledge transfer.

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Unconstrained access to expertise, guidance and support.

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Our products are open source and free of cost. Our packages add value. Choose whatever makes sense for you.

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Our success stories

Guiding organisations to breakthroughs since 2012

Our clients are forward-looking organisations that realise the potential of their context-aware physical spaces.

Our case studies reinforce the countless evolving business cases for context-aware physical spaces—anywhere.

Transformation is a journey, and DEEM is our agile approach to guide you throughout your journey, wherever it may lead.

Use Cases

Start with any, evolve to many

The business case for context-aware physical spaces makes increasing sense with each additional use case realised.

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