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Digital Contact Tracing

Who interacted with whom?

Digital Contact Tracing is an automated means of detecting and recording close physical interactions between people, providing traceability of contact with any individual who tests positive for an infectious disease, and offering peace-of-mind to evaluate and respond to risk effectively.

Proximity Detection


Data Collection


Interaction Tracing


Case Study: USC

Researchers at the University of Southern California are using this architecture for an unrelated study since late 2019, in their case with:

  • Minew E8 beacons programmed with DirAct™
  • reelyActive Owl-in-Ones
  • Hosted Elasticsearch Service

Privacy & Perception

Wear it when and where you need it—unlike a mobile phone/app that is with you everywhere you go. Only device identifiers and exposure durations are stored:

  • no personal data
  • no geolocation
  • no timestamps

Key Differentiation

Our unique software-based approach offers freedom of choice (and a backup plan should the pandemic impact product supply chains!)

  • choice of device
  • choice of infrastructure
  • choice of database/hosting

One infrastructure, multiple use cases

COVID-19 spreads through the physical spaces in which people work, live, visit and interact. Infrastructure enables these physical spaces to sense their occupants so that this real-time and historic information can be distributed wherever and whenever required.

Using the wireless infrastructure already present in physical spaces, or rapidly deploying reelyActive hardware either temporarily or permanently, enables countless use cases which, especially when combined, catalyse pandemic mitigation initiatives.

Our founding innovation is infrastructure, which has been rapidly deployed in hospitals, airports, workplaces, retail spaces and even military bases.

Occupancy Analytics

Where are people spending time and when?

Infrastructure alone is required to observe the signals already present from mobile/wearable devices carried by occupants.

  • detect queues and estimate wait times
  • prioritise disinfection of high-traffic areas
  • divert occupants towards lower-traffic areas

Use Case For Developers

Personnel and Asset Tracking

How to best manage human and material resources?

Distribute inexpensive Bluetooth badges to staff and affix beacons to critical assets.

  • reduce search and response times
  • coordinate operations in real-time
  • alleviate staff communication burdens

Use Case For Developers

Interaction Traceability

Who interacted with whom and with what?

An extension of the Digital Contact Tracing use case above, real-time proximity interaction detection is possible with devices running our DirAct™ embedded software wherever infrastructure is deployed.

Use Case For Developers

Environmental Sensing

What else is happening in my space?

Deploy sensor beacons to monitor environmental factors and interactions.

  • monitor a mailbox, disposal bin, etc.
  • estimate visitor counts from door events
  • react to anomalies in the environmental conditions of abandoned spaces

Use Case For Developers

Open source for permissionless innovation

Both our Pareto Anywhere software and the Elastic Stack with which it is tightly coupled are open source.

Start Developing

Make an impact in your community: rapidly prototype solutions with whatever is readily available, for instance using Raspberry Pis, which we've documented in detail.

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