Observe who/what is where/how.

In real-time.   In any space.

Our platform translates real-world state
into the universal language of the web.

Web First

Web First

Computers understand the web. Our platform speaks their language. Software developers rejoice!

Devices become the cursors of the physical world.



By default every device is just a number.
Opt-in to represent yourself, your items and your spaces.

Our mission is to unlock the value of the data you choose to share.



Minimise change management by not changing a thing.

  observe the smartphones/wearables people already carry,
  and/or  observe any third-party BLE beacons

  leverage compatible lighting/network infrastructure,
  and/or  deploy our own plug-and-play hardware



Seize the moment, as real-world events unfold.
Our product is a real-time stream of real-world events.

Our Pareto SaaS is a technology-agnostic real-time location system (RTLS) with web-standard APIs.

Building Bridges

Building Bridges

Our platform promotes optimal data distribution.

Building apps?   Add relevance.
Building maps?   Add status.
Building analytics?   Add depth.
Building automation?   Add context.

Our team will connect you to a wealth of ecosystem partners.

Ecosystem Partners



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Observe any space like the web

The movements and interactions of people and assets in any physical space become analogous to browsing a website.

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Optimise what matters for your business.
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