Embrace the ambient data in your space

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Embrace the ambient data in your space

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Make any physical space context-aware for any application, present and future.

Our Product

Our Pareto Anywhere software transforms ambient data into a real-time stream of who/what is where/how.

  • Open architecture
  • Open source

Pareto Anywhere couples with the Elastic Stack for an end-to-end solution, and serves equally well as a launchpoint for custom application development.

Pareto Anywhere

Open Architecture

Pareto Anywhere connects the software and hardware platforms you know and trust, transforming ambient data into contextual, actionable information.

Agile Digital Transformation

Empower everyone to understand and improve what is really happening by automating the collection and presentation of data across physical spaces and operations.

Our Business

We combine the foundational technology, comprehensive expertise and progressive business model to inherently support an agile approach to digital transformation based on context-aware physical spaces.

We'll meet you where you are today. Together let's move beyond for a better tomorrow.


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Enjoy the freedom of open source and community support.



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Begin with a quick win and an effortless outcome.

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Advance efficiently with expertise on demand.

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How does where and with whom an individual spends their day affect their wellness and performance at work?

  • Personnel Tracking
  • Environmental Sensing
  • Interaction Detection

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