Let's put things in context,
one space at a time

Let's put things in context, one space at a time

Realise the potential of physical/digital convergence and make sense of the things that matter to you.

We are the leaders in context-aware physical spaces open source technology

Context is everything,
and everything happens in physical spaces.

Our Pareto Anywhere middleware makes any physical space context-aware.

Pareto Anywhere

That's technology that makes sense.

We guide forward-looking organisations to the edge—and beyond

Our technology is free,
as foundational technology should be.

Benefit from our expertise to accelerate convergence throughout your organisation.

Our Business

That's a model that makes sense.

Meet Jeffrey this 2023 conference season:
Aruba Atmosphere | Las Vegas
Accelerating IoT Workload Migration to Azure IoT
RFID Journal Live! | Orlando
IEEE RFID & RAIN in Action | Seattle
Tutorial: Context-aware physical spaces
Panel: RAIN Technical and Deployment Trends
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