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Real-time location and physical search in the context of COVID-19

Learn how our open source technology can be applied to mitigate the impact of the pandemic.

COVID-19 Applications & Solutions

reelyActive's Vision

The Vision

We envisage a world in which people, products and places freely and independently interact digitally in complement to their physical interaction at a human scale.

Interactions are mutually beneficial microtransactions, enabled by calm, invisible technology. We're cultivating and sharing this vision in our living lab: reelyActive Parc.

Pareto Anywhere by reelyActive

The Product

Pareto Anywhere establishes a digital understanding of physical spaces and the dynamics of the people and assets within: a real-time data stream of who/what is where/how in any physical space.

Pareto Anywhere is permissively-licensed open source software, continuously evolving alongside the industries it is revolutionising.

reelyActive's Insight

The Insight

Over 20 billion standard radio-identifiable devices—detectable at a human scale—are shipping annually. And the people, products and places they represent have digital twins on the web.

Connected infrastructure—in physical spaces—is the catalyst for microtransactions among the digital twins of the identified occupants.

reelyActive Technology

The Technology

Pareto Anywhere is at the core of an open technology architecture which observes current and emerging standards to maximise interoperability and extensibility. And our novel connected infrastructure acts as a catalyst to embrace the ambient data in your space today.

Published not patented. By developers for developers.

reelyActive's Impact

The Impact

We're proud to see our platform consistently applied to elevate efficiency and occupant experience, especially in spaces we never imagined.

The data we collected confirmed that we could reduce our office space by 15% and continue to meet our top-notch employee experience targets.

—Serge Bendahan, Desjardins

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