Our technology makes sense
and our products are free

Our technology makes sense
and our products are free

Access our unprecedented expertise to advance your organisation to the edge.

reelyActive Technology

Our Technology

…makes sense of who/what is where/how.

We develop and democratise the foundational technologies behind human-scale context-aware physical spaces.

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reelyActive Products

Our Products

…are free and open source.

Pareto Anywhere is the only middleware enshrining interoperability across 100 billion+ radio-identifiable devices.

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reelyActive Business

Our Business

…is guiding your transformation.

Transformation is a journey, one which we are uniquely positioned to guide, both technologically and organisationally.

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reelyActive Purpose

Our Purpose

…is fostering harmonious co-existence at the edge.

We believe that a future where digital and physical meet at a human scale is a future which makes sense—for us all.

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10 years of reelyActive

Celebrating 10 Years

…on July 27th, 2022!

Our journey continues with a bold transformation in anticipation of a purposefully open decade ahead.

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