Embrace the ambient data in your space

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Embrace the ambient data in your space

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Celebrating our 9th anniversary!

July 28, 2021: Part 2 of 9

Towards the future of work

Discover our white paper which outlines a data-driven, occupancy-based approach for a progressive return to the workplace—and the future beyond.

Our clients

Our clients transform a novel stream of data from their physical spaces into an endless source of value for their business.

Our Clients Case Studies

Our products

Our Pareto Anywhere open source software and our unparalleled expertise together open new frontiers of ambient data applications.

Our DirAct embedded software and novel ambient data gateways extend these frontiers to any physical space.

Our Products


Begin with any use case in any space and scale to many use cases in many spaces.

Whenever the root question is who/what is where/how, our platform answers with a real-time data stream.







By developers for developers. Foundational technology that's published not patented. Your data is your data.


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Who we are, what we care about and how to get in touch with us.

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