How we do Business

And how to maximise your value

The Value we Offer

In short, the unique value we offer is access to our expertise. This includes:

  1. access to our wealth of open source software and hardware
  2. accessible pricing of our platform and products (to maximise adoption)
  3. access to the expert team who develop our platform and products

Efficient Access to Value

Based on years of experience we developed a Showcase Kit which is the most efficient way to access our expertise. Among other things, the kit includes:

  • an entire year of access to our platform and all its features
  • four hours of access to our expert team to use as you please

Accessibly-priced, the Showcase Kit is the gateway (quite literally!) to our platform and expertise. We do not provide kits free of charge, no matter how exceptional your case may be. In fact we created this page in response to such requests, allowing us to efficiently explain why not!

How we Make Money

Today we make money primarily by selling access to our expert team. This money is then reinvested in the further development of our platform and products, to the benefit of all.

We love it when our clients buy banks of hours because this allows us to spend more of our time sharing knowledge and advancing our technology platform, both of which we love to do.

Maximise Your Value

Thanks for taking the time to learn how we do business. We trust that you're now equipped to maximise your value by choosing the best path forward from the options below.


Try our open source software on a Raspberry Pi by following our most popular tutorial.


Buy a Starter Kit

Enjoy plug-and-play access to our entire platform and establish a relationship with our team.

Order a Kit

Request a Quote

Contact us for a quote on a specific deployment and/or a bank of hours.

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* While it is entirely possible to replicate our platform from the open source code base, most who have tried soon established that it was far more cost-effective to use our accessibly-priced SaaS and/or leverage our expertise to achieve the desired outcome. We're here to help, don't hesitate to ask!

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