Thinking the Unthinkable, Connecting the Unconnectable

This past week, at Bluetooth World 2016, the Bluetooth SIG unveiled a new slogan: “unthinkably connected”. Core to the new branding is how everything, including life, is inherently connected. Watch the video and meet the new blue.

Bluetooth unthinkably connected

We couldn’t help but notice, during the opening sequence, the striking resemblance to that of our 2013 Startup World pitch, which you can watch below. Core to both presentations is the importance of connections, as much for life as for devices. And while we will make no claim to having the better production values in our video, we will nonetheless take pride in the prescience of our pitch that in fact won us the title World’s Best Startup two and a half years ago.

Just as is the case with life and the Internet, the value isn’t in the things themselves, but rather in their interconnection.

We’ve also had the pleasure of presenting to the Bluetooth community on several occasions. You can find our presentation at Bluetooth World 2014 and our presentation to the Bluetooth SIG committee on IoT via SlideShare. Hats off to the SIG as today our Smart Spaces “unthinkably” connect primarily Bluetooth devices!